Get To Know More About AdWords Smart Bidding

Stop the hassle to optimise the campaign manually. Although you have the full control of your advertising campaign, but when the data gets larger your time needed also too.

With the advent of machine learning in various facets of our lives, Google already has the technology to help the advertiser to optimize the campaign. Without a doubt, machine learning is the future of search.

What is AdWords Smart Bidding

AdWords’ new automated bid strategy, called “Smart Bidding”, is combining machine learning and contextual signals to offer a logical solution to optimize the campaign, based on the performance targets that have been set.

There are multiple Smart Bidding Strategies available:

  • Target ROAS
  • Target CPA
  • Enhance CPC (ECPC)
  • Maximum conversions

Each strategy supports different marketing goals – there’s no one-size-fits-all bidding strategy, but they all have their own pros and cons, depending on what you need from them.

The Benefit Of AdWords Smart Bidding

There are many benefits that come with using AdWords Smart Bidding:

1. Advance machine learning

Smart Bidding uses machine learning algorithms to help you make more accurate predictions about how different bid amounts might affect conversions or conversion value.

2. Wide range of qualitative data

You can factor in a wide range of qualitative data to their bid optimisations. This gives you information about a person or the context at the time of a particular auction. For example, information as to which device and location is being used.

3. Customisable performance settings

AdWords Smart Bidding enables you to set performance targets and customise settings to your individual business goals. Besides, you’ll even be able to set device-specific performance targets for mobile, desktop and tablet.

4. Detailed performance reporting

Besides that, AdWords Smart Bidding offers reporting tools that give you deeper insight into your bidding performance and allows you quickly solve any issues. From bid strategy statuses, bid simulators to campaign drafts and experiments, AdWords Smart Bidding allows you to control too.

In the end, Smart Bidding can help you save time and improve performance.


AdWords Smart Bidding works well for SME or large business. As a marketer, you need to have the ability to approach campaigns thoughtfully and scientifically. Not every campaign can get guarantee a great result, but making the effort to test is a key factor in your optimizing process.

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